It all started in the Axel windmill, in 1910. The founder of the current company, Dieleman Seeds, processed agricultural products such as barley and wheat in the mill and sold them to bakeries and other companies. The group of loyal customers grew quickly and the mill became too small. They moved to a new location, on the Wilhelminastraat in Axel. There, the second generation entered the business and the steady growth continued.

In those days, the company still traded in all kinds of agricultural products. And not without merit, because a good name was built up in Europe.


When the company established itself at its current location at the Meekrapweg in Axel, then still under the name Dielemans Graanhandel, it did not take long before the third generation entered the business as well. The founder of the company had by then already withdrawn from the business for some time.


Father and son Dieleman set up a sizeable company on the Meekrapweg. Slowly but surely, the company specialised, until only linseed remained. A well-considered and correct choice, for it became one of the major players on the European linseed market.

Meanwhile the company is fully in the hands of the third generation and trades under the name Dieleman Seeds. Peter Dieleman, who is firmly at the helm, has made great strides in modernising the company, which enables it to meet the stringent requirements that are set.

On 1 September 2020 it was 110 years ago that the company started in the Axel windmill. The founder could never have imagined then that in 2020 Dieleman Seeds would have grown into a major player in the European linseed market.  And who knows, maybe the fourth generation will be joining the company in a while. Dieleman Seeds is in every respect a typical Zeelandic-Flemish family company, firmly anchored on the one hand but always open to innovation on the other.